The Shiva silk meditation wrap is for the dedicated meditator, ready to ignite the Shakti within. Hand drawn designs bring Shiva and Parviti to life, meeting through the sacred flame of divine connection. Facing each other on the front, as well as on the back, you are truly surrounded with empowering Yin Yang energy.

Out of the Light Grid, we call them The Empress and The Magic Man. Your inner divine family ready to embrace your Genius Soul.

The reverse side of the silk shawl is adorned by exquisite angel wings, in vibrant turquoise and cobalt blues. Both artscapes contain so many layers of elaborate energetic layering that you can feel when you wear it.

This stunning 100% pure silk meditation wrap is in a slightly heavier weight silk to best suit the energy of the design. Silk is naturally breathable, and temperature regulating, always optimising your comfort factor.

16mm Silk twill drapes wonderfully, without the slipperiness of silk satin. A beautiful gold angel wing tie clip, exclusive to Shiva Flame, assists to hold your shawl in place as you focus on the silence and peace within.

Each Shiva silk meditation wrap is delivered in a stunning velvet lined drawer box, perfect for looking after your keepsakes. It also comes with your own handcrafted silk bag to help maintain your beautiful scarf in pristine condition. The gold angel wing tie pin comes in a pretty organza bag.

Designed in Australia, Prasamana’s unique designs are digitally printed and hand-made, made to offer the highest quality luxury silk scarves and wraps you adore wearing, or gift to someone special.

Prices are in AU$

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 138 × 138 cm

Blue, Sepia


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